Thinking dutifully, acting beautifully

The uniqueness of the Arne Naess Programme - as compared to other initiatives on green growth and the climate shift - is its emphasis on forging sustainable modernity. It does so by stimulating creative research and debate on the ethical, philosophical and cultural questions related to current socio-environmental transformation. Without  critical reflection on the relationship between ethics, business, and politics, the green growth agenda risks technocratic or narrow solutions, or migrating to the domain of market forces.


  1. Inspiring dialogue on the ethical foundations of sustainable modernity between diverse stakeholders that rarely talk to one another, such as university students and scholars on the one hand, and politicians, civil society, artists and representatives of business community on the other;
  2. Stimulating public debate in the mainstream and social media on controversial and often occluded topics related to global justice and socio-environmental dilemmas;
  3. Awarding the annual Arne Næss Chair to a scholar of international renown. The Arne Næss professor is offered a stipend to spend up to two weeks at the University of Oslo, engaging with scholars, students and the public at large;
  4. Awarding annual Arne Næss stipends to three students at the master level. The students will work on their scholarly projects in close collaboration both with each other and with senior researchers at the Center for Development and the Environment. They are also expected to participate in planning and carrying out the activities of the Arne Næss Symposium;
  5. In progress: establishing student exchange programme on the studies of global justice and the environment between the University of Oslo and the University of Oxford.


Published Aug. 19, 2011 2:09 PM - Last modified Dec. 19, 2017 10:38 AM