An ecophilosophical podcast by the Arne Næss Programme at the University of Oslo.

EcoPod Season 1

  • 1: The Profits and Pitfalls of Green Groupthink
    May 11, 2020

    Is the green "groupthink" necessary to save the planet? Or does it make us into fundamentalist eco-freaks?

    With Nina Witoszek, David Chocron, Shayan Shokrgozar, Julianne Sørflaten Grovehagen, and Adrian Santiago Franco Duharte.

  • 2: “The Ecological Self”: from Mindfulness to Mushrooms
    May 20, 2020

    How do we reach an ecological self? Do we need to practice tai-chi, go vegan or take magic mushrooms? In this episode we discuss the strategies of transcending the egoistic self. We also probe the question whether it’s always benign to be ONE with all living beings.

    With Nina Witoszek, David Chocron, Imre Van Kraalingen, Martina Marcellová, Wendy Sloan, and Adrian Santiago Duharte.

  • 3: Apocalypse Now? A Race Against Time
    June 4, 2020

    How does the mantra "we have no time" influence our environmental agendas? Who is we in “we have no time"? The author of Gaia theory, James Lovelock, claims in his latest book, Novacene, that humanity has passed the tipping point and that only AI’s superintelligence will act with Gaia to keep the life going. Arne Næss’s motto, on the other hand, has been “It’s never too late”. Who is right?

    With Nina Witoszek, David Chocron, Martina Marcellová, Shayan Shokrgozar and Alexandru Prodan.

About the podcast

Arne Næss in profile EcoPod logoInspired by the ludic and irreverent spirit of Arne Næss – this podcast is an independent forum designed to discuss suppressed or underexplored themes relating to the most burning questions of our time - from the climate crisis to our post-pandemic future. Always with a deep ecologic twist.

EcoPod is created by Nina Witoszek and a group of Arne Næss Master Students at SUM.

Season 1 was produced and edited by David Chocron. Opening Music: “Økofanfare” composed by Lasse Thoresen, performed by Maiken Mathiesen Schau. Closing Music: “EcoPod, Dowap, Dowap”, composed and performed by David Chocron.

We would like to thank UiO and the Bergesenstiftselsen for supporting this creative quest.

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