Welcome to the new SUM students!

What are the main challenges in creating more sustainable futures? This is one of the questions our new class of students will explore.

group of students

The new students on the introduction day.

Last week, the new SUM master's students were welcomed by the staff and faculty at Nydalen, and started to get to know each other through social events with their second-year Buddies.

– Welcoming the new students on their first day at SUM is one of the very best things we do in our job, says Gudrun Cecilie Eikemo Helland. – It's especially great to see so many Buddies joining in to make sure the new students are off to a great start! It's important to have an engaging and inclusive student environment, and I love how our students are continuously building and contributing to it. I find it inspiring! 

Gudrun is the acting Administrative Head of Studies at SUM and has received more than 400 applications for the DECC master's programme this year. Our programme attracts students from all over the world, and approximately half of the students admitted this year come from abroad. The new students come from 12 different countries, including the UK, Latvia, Guatemala, France, Canada, USA, Denmark, Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, Russia, China and Norway.

The new studies team

photo of student admin
This semester new staff have joined our studies team. From the left: Gudrun C.E. Helland, Lobna Mohamed and Arve Hansen.

– I believe SUM is a unique place to study in many ways. Academically speaking, much hard work has been put into enhancing the cohesiveness of our interdisciplinary programme in recent years. We will build on this to hopefully further strengthen what is already an excellent programme, says Arve Hansen, SUM's new Head of Teaching.

Lobna Mohamed is a student adviser for the master's programme and will also be responsible for the brand new continuing education course on sustainable transitions.

– Interdisciplinary work plays a key role in solving today's major global and local challenges. I believe it is a strength that our students have diverse backgrounds, coming from many different countries and academic fields, she says.

Why did you choose SUM?

Angelique Rein and Barış Göre have just arrived at SUM and are ready to begin their first master's courses this week. They both emphasize the challenges related to sustainability in the world today as a main motivation to study at SUM.

Photo of baris and angelique

Barış from Turkey holds a BA degree in sociology and psychology from Koç University.

– I was looking for a master's programme on consumption in everyday lives and this was one of the few places where I could find this with a sustainability dimension, he says.

– I have been wanting to come back after a trip to Norway six years ago. It is very nice to finally be here, but as I am used to a warmer climate, I am a bit worried about living here during winter.

Angelique from the USA holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

– I wanted a career change and was looking for a study programme on environmental issues and SUM's DECC programme came out among the top ones. 

She is half Norwegian and is looking forward to living in Oslo and learn more about her heritage.

– I look forward to learn more about the Norwegian approach to sustainability and how the country is dealing with the challenges.

We and the 12 (!) second-year Buddies wish Barış, Angelique and the rest of the new students welcome to SUM!

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By Charlotte Kildal
Published Aug. 22, 2022 8:54 AM - Last modified Aug. 23, 2022 8:30 AM