SUM students admitted to Honours programme

We congratulate the five SUM students and wish them luck with this exciting opportunity.

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Mari is one of the five SUM students looking forward to take on extra work with the Honours Certificate.

Five master's students from SUM have been admitted to the Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences. The programme runs in parallel with their main master's programme at SUM, over a period of two years.

Head of Teaching at SUM, Kristian Bjørkdahl

We congratulate our students and wish them good luck.

I am not surprised, but nonetheless happy, that several of our students are admitted to the OSEH Honours Certificate, given that the SUM students are top of the class! Congratulations! says Kristian Bjørkdahl.

The importance of interdisciplinarity

The students were all drawn to the programme because of its interdisciplinary approach. Mari Hasle Einang and Ada Weisser-Eldevik both highlight the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to better understand the environmental challenges of our time.

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In the current educational system such an approach to knowledge is hard to access, given that as early as in high school, one must choose between natural and social sciences – a divide which makes it impossible for us to understand our place in nature, says Mari.

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I appreciate the interdisciplinary approach to the environment and climate issue, and I wanted to get more insight from the natural science perspective, says Ada. 

Taking on creative approaches to address climate issues

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In addition, the creative approach of the programme was attractive to the students. Lisa Søyland and Genver Quirino are looking forward to developing creative responses to the environmental crisis.

I am very much looking forward to engaging in critical conversations with peers and educators, going on field excursions and exploring art-based methods of communication, Lisa says.

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Genver agrees:

By connecting students and lecturers from various disciplines, the OSEH honours programme strikes me as a unique platform to explore new learning opportunities and creative avenues, he says.

Through the Honours programme these students will be taking on extra subjects. Vilde Norenes Hilleren is feeling motivated:


I am also excited for the creative focus of the certificate, especially the field trips and workshops. Although taking on extra subjects will be challenging, I hope the interdisciplinary and collaborative focus of the certificate will help me apply what I learn in my master’s programme in new ways, says Vilde.

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Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH)

The Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences is hosted by the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH), a research and education initiative at the Faculty of Humanities. Read more.

Honours Certificate

This Honours Certificate is an interdisciplinary supplement at master's level. It runs in parallel with a main study programme. Students applying for this Certificate should be highly motivated and confident in their ability to do extra work along their main study programme.

By Charlotte Kildal
Published Jan. 12, 2021 2:20 PM - Last modified Jan. 13, 2021 12:24 PM