Welcome to the new Arne Naess students

We are happy to announce that four master's students have been granted the Arne Naess stipend for 2019.

Erica Colman-Denstad, Cristiana Voinov, Guisela Carolina Camacho Mejia and Kylie Wrigley are the new Arne Naess students.

The four students will work on philosophical, social and legal dimensions of environmental challenges of our time.

Nina Witoszek heads the Arne Naess Programme.
Nina Witoszek heads the Arne Naess Programme.

They will also contribute to the Arne Naess Symposium, which will take place on 18 September 2019.

The Arne Naess stipends are part of the Arne Naess Programme on Global Justice and the Environment and are designed to animate the humanist research on development and the environment at SUM.

The motto of all young Arne Næss grant holders is "thinking dutifully, acting beautifully". Their goal is to work together on cultural innovation for sustainability, says Nina Witoszek.

Four projects on environmental issues

Erica Colman-Denstad is master student in philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, Faculty of Humanities, UiO.

Erica's main interest is how ecological restoration may affect the human-nature relationship. In her thesis, she will discuss the potential impact of restoration on the human-nature-relationship.

Guisela Carolina Camacho Mejia is enrolled in the master's programme at the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, UiO.

In her thesis, she will look at how a human rights approach can be used to achieve environmental justice. She is planning to use an ecological reserve in Peru as a case to study the relationship between the two concepts.

Kylie Wrigley studies master's in Development, Environment and Cultural Change at SUM, UiO.

Through her thesis, she will explore the degrowth movement in Australia and how the movement is communicating its vision for the future. Using discourse analysis, she will examine the movements' websites and promotional texts and ask if and how they produce an appealing story of a sustainable alternative.

Cristiana Voinov is master student in Development, Environment and Cultural Change at SUM, UiO.

In her thesis, she aims is to illustrate what is lacking between ethical theory and ethical practice in North American environmental policy. She will study the general success of bioethics as an applied philosophy used to inform policy, and compare this with the limited influence of environmental ethics on policy. 

Arne Naess Programme

We draw on the legacy of Norway’s foremost eco-philosopher, Ghandi scholar and environmental activist. Read more about the Programme.





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