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SUM receives funding for three new research projects

The funding comes from the Norwegian Research Council.

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  • The project "India's footprint in Africa: South-South Cooperation and the Politics of Gifts and Reciprocity" is led by Professor Dan Banik.
  • The project "Working Through Violence: SMEs and the SDGs in Fragile Urban Spaces (Urban SMEs)" is led by Professor Benedicte Bull.
  • The project "Chinese Multilateralism and its Impact on Environmental and Democratic Governance in Africa and Latin America (MultiChina)" is led by Professor Benedicte Bull.

We are also proud of all the SUM researchers who will join in research collaborations at other institutions, among others Dan Banik and the Oslo SDG Initiative, which will be connected to the new Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU) at the University of Oslo: The Center for Sustainable Health Care Education (SHE);  Arve Hansen og Ulrikke Wethal connected to the research project at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Meat Consumption in Norway; and Mariel Aguilar Støen connected to the research project Food for Security: Evidence from Cauca, Colombia (SEGURA).

Published Jan. 15, 2020 1:10 PM - Last modified Jan. 15, 2020 1:11 PM