Erica Colman-Denstad new Doctoral Research Fellow at SUM

We are happy to announce that Erica Colman-Denstad has a new position as Doctoral Research Fellow at SUM.

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Erica Colman-Denstad will in her PhD project be working on people's relationship to nature and their sense of place.

Erica has a background in Philosophy and wrote her MA thesis on the ethical potential of ecological restoration, exploring perceptions of “nature” and “the natural”, idealizations of nature, and varying perspectives on the role of humans in nature.

At the most general level, my main research interest is in the relationship between humans and their environments. I am interested in how we relate to and experience nature, she says.

Erica's research will be affiliated with the project Locative Technologies and the Human Sense of Place: A History of Spatial Literacy, 1800-2020 at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM). The project aims to explore the human sense of place in a historical perspective.

During this period, a growing number of tourists and trekkers were exploring the Norwegian “wilderness”. I am curious about how the changes in landscape use and of the landscape itself affected how people navigated, described and experienced it, she says.

Erica is a former Blytt stipend holder and Arne Næss student at SUM. She is looking forward to her continued work at the centre.

In my experience so far, SUM is an amazing place full of amazing people, and I am very excited to continue to be part of such an inspiring multidisciplinary environment!

Her PhD supervisor will be Associate Professor at SUM Karen Victoria Lykke Syse.

By Kjersti Litleskare, Lise Bjerke
Published Jan. 17, 2020 1:31 PM - Last modified Jan. 17, 2020 1:31 PM