Welcome to the new SUM students!

What are the main challenges in creating sustainable development? This is the overall question to be debated thoughout the next two years for the new master students.

The students enrolled in this year's master's programme come from five continents and eleven different countries, including Thailand, USA, South Sudan, Romania, Australia, and Norway.

Karen Lykke Syse

During their first two weeks at SUM, the students have been welcomed by the staff and faculty, and they are already working on their first group presentation on the SDGs that they will present in Professor Dan Banik's lecture. The students have got to know each other through several social events with ther second year Buddies.

This year, we had more than 400 applicants to the programme, which have resulted in a small group of highly qualified and motivated students, says Karen Lykke Syse, director of SUM's master's programme.

The aim of the master's degree Development, Environment and Cultural Change (DECC) is to provide students with knowledge and critical insights into the socio-cultural, political and scientific challenges of achieving sustainable development at both the local and global level.

Anne-Line Sandåker is Programme Coordinator at SUM

We are very excited to finally meet the students. The students represent different disciplines, nationalities and bring different perspectives to the class discussions. They all share a great interest in sustainability, says Anne-Line Sandåker.

Why choose SUM

Nathavat Pongsuran and Marit Svälas are in their second week of the master's programme. They both highlight the interdisciplinarity and focus of the DECC master's programme as one of the main reasons for choosing to study at SUM.

Mari Svälas from Sweden and Nathavat Pongsuran from Thailand is looking forward to their two years as master's students at SUM.

Marit Svälas from Sweden holds a BA degree in International Studies from the University of Oslo and has studied Spanish and Latin America studies in Nicaragua and Argentina. From her studies, she became interested in studying the solutions to societal challenges and focus on what works.

My first impression of the programme is very positive. At SUM, we've got the best researchers in the field sitting right next to us, says Marit.

Nathavat Pongsuran from Thailand holds a BA-degree in Political Science, specializing in development diplomacy and has been working for Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria. He wants to learn more about development strategies, and are looking forward to the courses and class discussions.

I am particularly interested in South-South development cooperation. The diversity of students here at SUM, coming from five different continents, offers a great environment to study this topic, says Nathavat.

We wish Marit, Nathavat and the rest of the students welcome to SUM, and hope you will enjoy your studies!

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By Charlotte Kildal, Lise Bjerke
Published Aug. 24, 2018 9:56 AM - Last modified Aug. 24, 2018 9:56 AM