Learning by doing

Master's students at SUM can now put theoretical knowledge into practice through a new internship course.

Internship student

Imre van Kraalingen is one of the first students enrolled in the new internship course.

The course offers students at the Development, Environment and Cultural Change (DECC) master's programme the opportunity to undertake an internship as a part of their studies. Students can for instance work in a relevant non-governmental organisation, research institution, private company, or governmental institution - in Norway or abroad.

Programme Coordinator Anne-Line Sandåker believes the course will make students better prepared for the transition from student life to career:

By using their academic background in a relevant work situation, students can become more aware of what kind of work they would like to do after their studies. They will also learn how to apply their knowledge and skills to practical work within the field of development and environment.

The internship must be equivalent to six weeks of full-time work. Examples of work tasks are to collect, analyse or present data and information, prepare meetings, or organise events. Tasks could also involve communication or administrative work. 

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First internship student

Imre van Kraalingen is one of the first DECC students to use the opportunity that the new course offers. For six weeks, she has been working at CICERO Centre for International Climate Research.


Published Apr. 24, 2018 11:40 AM - Last modified Apr. 24, 2018 1:14 PM