Meet our new Research School assistant

– A great opportunity to do something meaningful and relevant alongside my master’s studies, says Johannes Rudjord Volden.

Master's student Johannes Rudjord Volden will from June 1 be assisting SUM's Research School for Ph.D. candidates.

We congratulate Johannes Rudjord Volden with the award of this year’s Erik Blytt stipend!

I am looking forward to contribute to the Research School’s activities and to get to know SUM better. I am considering to continue with a Ph.D. degree after my master’s, so this will be a good chance to learn from and get insight into the everyday work of the Ph.D. candidates, says Volden.

From earlier studies, he holds a bachelor's degree in Geography and Sociology from Durham University. He is now enrolled in SUMs master’s programme Development, Environment and Cultural Change, and will in the year to come write his master’s thesis on air-travel as a consumer practice among young, environmentally minded Norwegians.

The goal is to shed light on practical and ethical dilemmas related to air travelling and the environment, and to create a better understanding of how consumers should relate to air-travel in the future, he explains.

Jostein Jakobsen, Coordinator of SUM's Research School.

A strong commitment to the environment lies behind many of Volden’s activities, also besides his studies. In May and June, he is undertaking an intership at Norway's largest environmental organization, Future in Our Hands – FIOH. He will also be working on a research project on sustainable energy this summer at SUM, supported by UiO:Energy.

We are looking forward to get an engaged student on board our team. Johannes will get an opportunity to contribute to the great academic and social environment of SUM’s Research School, says Jostein Jakobsen, Coordinator of the Research School.

About SUM’s Research School and the Erik Blytt stipend

In memory of Erik Blytt, a former student and researcher at SUM, the Centre annually advertises a stipend for UiO master’s students writing their thesis on a topic related to development and environment. The student is awarded a stipend of NOK 3000 per month. The stipend involves modest duties related to assisting SUM's interdisciplinary Research School, which offers Ph.D. candidates academic and informal events during their degree. The student also becomes part of a vibrant and inclusive academic environment through being given a shared office at SUM.

More about SUM's Research School here

Published June 1, 2018 10:50 AM - Last modified June 25, 2019 4:22 PM