Arve Hansen wins award for research on cars and motorbikes in Vietnam

We congratulate Arve with the New Voices award!

The New Voices award seeks to shine a spotlight on young researchers specialized in mobility. Arve Hansen is one of the award winners.

We proudly announce that Postdoctoral Fellow at SUM, Arve Hansen, is one of the winners of the New Voices award. Arve wins the award for his PhD thesis «Capitalist transition on wheels: Cars, motorbikes and mobility in Hanoi».

Original research on urban transport in Vietnam

Arve Hansen is a development geographer specialized on development and sustainability in Vietnam. In his PhD thesis, he studied the transition from bicycles and walking to motorbikes and cars in Hanoi.

So far, almost no research has taken seriously the crucial role the motorbike plays in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. In Vietnam’s capital city, understanding contemporary mobilities first and foremost requires an understanding of the motorbike, says Arve.

Arve Hansen’s thesis takes us to the streets of Hanoi, the city of motorbikes. Photo: Colourbox

A glimpse into the future of research

Created by the Mobile Lives Forum, the award New Voices seeks to reward and shine a spotlight on young researchers specialized in mobility. Each year, they select ten theses from a variety of countries and disciplines.

The jury this year received a large number of high-quality submissions in both English and French. Selecting ten winners was a particularly difficult job, states the jury, adding that it was a real pleasure reading Arve Hansen’s work.

Arve Hansen’s thesis takes us to Vietnam, to the streets of Hanoi, the city of motorbikes. In order to understand contemporary mobilities, we must acknowledge the overwhelmingly widespread use of motorbikes in Southern countries, a surprisingly overlooked subject in the mobilities turn, says the editors of New Voices.

More about the research

Read more about Arve Hansen's PhD project in a short article at the Mobil Lives Forum website.


More information about our research on mobilities and consumption can be found at the Sustainable consumption and energy equity research group.


Published Sep. 26, 2018 1:48 PM - Last modified Sep. 26, 2018 1:48 PM