Emma Bersvendsen, Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation

Emma Bersvendsen comes to SUM to talk about how sustainability plays a role in her job at the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation.

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About the speaker

Emma Bersvendsen finished her master degree at SUM in May 2018, with the thesis «Power in Environmental Politics», where she investigated state influence on environmental projects in municipalities. She is now Environmental Manager for the ministries of Norway, and is employed at the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organization. Her current job involves making sure that the state government operates in the most environmentally sound way possible, which among other things means she is responsible for environmental certification of the ministries and developing environmental targets. In her lecture, she will talk about the work being done in Norwegian ministries towards a more sustainable practice, focusing on how to take green initiatives within a conservative bureaucracy.

About the seminar series

Transformations is a series of lectures given by former students at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), focusing on how former SUM students have put academic research into practical use in their jobs.

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