Camilla Skjelsbæk Gramstad, Virke

Camilla Skjelsbæk Gramstad comes to SUM to talk about how sustainability plays a role in her job at Virke.

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About the speaker

CAMILLA SKJELSBÆK GRAMSTAD finished her master degree at SUM in 2006, with a thesis on how the International Labour Organisation (ILO) cooperates with the tobacco and cocoa sector to combat child labour. Since then, she has been an intern at the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil, worked at the research program ProSus, and at Difi, the government agency for public management and ICT, where she worked on how to integrate sustainability in public procurement. For the last six years, she has been Head of Sustainability at Virke, the Enterprise federation in Norway. Her main occupation is to promote sustainability among Virke’s 22 000 business members in a variety of sectors such as retail, traveling, services, etc., which involves giving courses and lectures, as well as engaging in networking and lobbying. Camilla has also edited a book about new business models in retail. In her lecture, she will talk about how Virke, as a business organization, expects sustainability will affect its members, and what it has been like to move from an "ethical" and "CSR" world towards discussing innovation and new and sustainable business models.

About the seminar series

Transformations is a series of lectures given by former students at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), focusing on how former SUM students have put academic research into practical use in their jobs. 

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