Webinar: 6 perspectives on food production and pandemics

What are the connections between food production and pandemics? 6 experts give their perspectives. 

Refrigerated cold pork at a meat factory

Photo by Mark Agnor, Colourbox 

About the webinar 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made governments, health organizations and citizens in general painfully aware of the entanglement of changing patterns of food production and consumption and lethal pathogens. 

Problematizing evolving ideas regarding the relationship between food and pandemics, both communicable and non-communicable, can open new ways to understand global capitalism and its effects.

Accordingly, pandemics are a highly relevant starting point to study the global political and economic systems related to the food industry. As food production, and particularly meat production, turns ever-more global, new relationships between humans, animals and, increasingly, pathogens evolve. The social, economic and environmental impact is high, and future sustainability depends on how these relationships are managed.


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Photo of Ola Westengen

Ola Westengen, Associate Professor, NMBU






Perspectives from:

Photo of Frederick Keck"Is the poultry industry a model for the livestock revolution?"

Frédéric Keck, Fellow, CNRS, France 


profilephoto of Karen Lykke Syse"Money in pigs: from small scale farming to global bio-industry"

Karen Lykke Syse, Associate Professor, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo.

profilephoto of Timothy Pachirat"A pandemic politics of sight"

Timothy Pachirat, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts


profilephoto of Tony Weis"The violent narrowing of animal life and the amplification of zoonotic disease risks"

Tony Weis, Professor, Western University, Canada 



Photo of Carlos Gonçalo das Neves''Food systems and one health in this new era of pandemics''

Carlos Gonçalo das Neves, Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Photo of Melanie Sommerville''TBA''

Melanie Sommerville, Postdoctoral Fellow, NMBU



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