Measuring Health for All: UHC in Senegal

How to measure "Health for All"? How do metrics influence the way Universal Health Coverage is implemented in Senegal?

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The role of World Bank in the promotion of UHC in Senegal

In this Global Health Unpacked seminar, Marlee Tichenor will discuss the role of global health governance in the development and advocacy for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Senegal.

Marlee Tichenor, Postdoctoral research fellow; University of Edinburgh

As a part of the Wellcome Trust-funded project studying the role of the World Bank in global health, “The Economic Gaze,” Tichenor studies the role of the World Bank in the promotion of universal health coverage in Senegal.

This presentation will briefly lay out the role of the World Bank in the rise of global health metrics, before turning to debates in how to measure UHC and how its measurement has become key to its implementation in Senegal.

About Marlee Tichenor

Marlee Tichenor is a medical anthropologist interested in the politics of evidence and data in global health policy and intervention. In her PhD, she conducted a multi-sited ethnographic study of pharmaceutical interventions, antimalarial resistance research, and community-based approaches to the fight against malaria in Senegal.

She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow with the Global Health Governance Programme at the Usher Institute (University of Edinburgh). Her current research investigates the development of metrics at the World Bank for measuring success in global health projects, along with their impact on health policy and our conceptions of health and illness. 

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On the seminar series "Global Health Unpacked"

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