Book Launch: Sustainable Modernity: The Nordic Model and Beyond

Join a panel of economists, social scientists, evolutionary thinkers and humanists in a discussion of the cooperative ethos in the Nordic societies.

Welcome to the launch of or our brand new book "Sustainable Modernity: The Nordic Model and Beyond", edited by Nina Witoszek and Atle Midttun.


Nordic Countries: The case of Sustainable Modernity?

Panel discussion between the book's editors and contributors: 

  • Nina Witoszek, Centre for Development and the Environment, UiO
  • Dag O. Hessen,  University of Oslo
  • Atle Midttun, BI Norwegian Business School
  • David Sloan Wilson, the State University of New York
  • Cathrine Holst, University of Oslo 

Beyond the Nordic Model: 

Comments from Sven Steinmo (University of Colorado Boulder), Roger Griffin (Oxford) and Nikolai Hegertun (Centre for Development and the Environment) 

The event will be led by the inimitable Christian Borch.


The Nordic Puzzle

Why are the Nordic countries ranked as the world’s best countries to live in? And can their good fortune last? Read more about the book.

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Published Aug. 22, 2018 1:50 PM - Last modified Sep. 7, 2018 2:04 PM