A world that counts?

In this lunch seminar, Morten Jerven, Professor of Development Studies (NMBU) will discuss the increasing role of indicators and statistics in Development and Global Health policies. The seminar is part of the series Global Health Unpacked.

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In today’s world, an enormous amount of information about our life (and death) is being recorded as data. We are surrounded by numbers, from statistics on well-being and quality of life to epidemiological data that can help fight disease and even predict epidemics.

Picture of Morten Jerven
Morten Jerven,  Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

In fact, a recent United Nations report about mobilizing the data revolution to support sustainable development describes our world as “a world that counts”. However, many important social, political and cultural factors influence the process of collecting, producing, analysing and managing quantitative data.

In this talk, Morten Jerven will explore the cultural contexts of data and the powerful potential for – and possible pitfalls of – ruling the world by numbers.

A light lunch will be served, please register!

On the seminar series "Global Health Unpacked"

“Global Health Unpacked” is a new seminar series that aims to foster critical discussions on the politics of global health, with insights from social sciences and humanities. Invited guest speakers from different countries will bring an original perspective to the debates we have in Norway. “Global Health Unpacked” is jointly organized by the research group Power and Politics of Global Health, Centre for Development and the Environment and the UiO Centre for Global Health.

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Published Sep. 25, 2017 3:55 PM - Last modified Dec. 7, 2017 10:33 AM