The Nordic Model, renewable or disposable?

There are now many views on the future of the Nordic model, its resilience, and its ability to tackle the ever growing array of challenges.

The Nordic Flags. Photo: Hansjorn (Wikimedia Creative Commons)

This seminar is designed to illuminate some of the tensions between those who claim the model does not exist, those who predict its decline, and those who insist that is has the ability to renew itself as an example of a fair and sustainable society.

Program (starter 18.00, slutter 20.00)

Introduction by Haldor Byrkjeflot (Academic Director, UiO:Nordic)

  • Lars Trägårdh (Stockholm, Ersta Sköndal University College): "Citizenship vs Human Rights in Sweden"
  • Ove Kaj Pedersen (Copenhagen Business School): "The Norwegian Competition State"
  • The speeches will be followed by a panel discussion with Atle Midttun (BI), David Sloan Wilson (SUNY, USA) and Farhat Taj (NEST, UiO)

Moderator: Nina Witoszek.


This event is free and open to all, but requires registration.



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Published Aug. 23, 2016 12:08 PM - Last modified Nov. 29, 2017 3:56 PM