Arne Næss Symposium 2016: Staging Pathways to Ecomodernity

The Arne Naess Symposium invites all the participants to imagine bold and novel scenarios of a more sustainable future.

Western modernity has been a mixed blessing: On the one hand it has yielded unprecedented material welfare, scientific progress, and social emancipation. Yet on the other hand, it has fostered advanced technologies of genocide, separated humanity from nature and generated a potentially catastrophic climate shift. Modernity now casts the Earth in an ‘Age of the Anthropocene’, where not just the human footprint looms, but a surging awareness of its consequences.  This enlightenment-cum-destruction has forged numerous creative projects and ideas that seek to rebalance existing relationships and reimagine an equitable, sustainable world. Are we now at the cusp of an ecomodernity?  A brave new pro-environmental and pro-social phase of the modern project? If yes, what would be ecomodernity’s overarching economic, political and cultural program?  If not, do we need to build a radically different civilization? At the core, we ask, how can we preserve the gifts of modernity – human rights, equality, justice and technological innovation – while reclaiming the oikos (our terrestrial home)?


18:30 Ecological Fanfare, Lasse Thoresen & Maiken Mathisen Schau

Welcome: Nina Witoszek, project leader, SUM, the University of Oslo

18:40 - 19:10 Keynote lecture,  John Dryzek  

19:10 - 19:35 Break

19:35 - 19:40 Brief address, Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector, UiO 

19.40 - 20:15 Arne Naess lecture, Eduardo Gudynas 

20.15 - 20.35 Young Researchers Challenge: Sigrid Hohle, Dina Townsend and Odin Lysaker 

20.35 - 21.00 Lecturers' response, discussion and questions from the  audience

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