Conserving the Biodiversity of Maize in Mexico: Understanding a complex problem and developing participatory solutions (biodiverSEEDy)

Lead researcher: Fern Wickson, GenØk – Centre for Biosafety

The conservation of genetic biodiversity in important crop plants is crucial for food security and the resilience of agricultural systems. There are two main approaches to the conservation of crop biodiversity – in situ approaches that seek to conserve biodiversity on farms through ongoing cultivation of a range of varieties, and ex situ approaches in which seeds of different varieties are preserved in gene banks for future use and development.

The biodiverSEEDy project works with maize in Mexico and seeks to:

a) understand the challenges facing in situ biodiversity conservation,

b) advance solutions to these challenges through participatory research with local actors, and

c) clarify how in situ and ex situ approaches can be combined for maximum benefit.


  • Research staff in Norway:
    Flor Rivera, GenØk Centre for Biosafety
    Sarah Agapito-Tenfen, GenØk Centre for Biosafety
  • Partners abroad:
    Institute for Social Research, UNAM, Mexico
    CECCAM (Research Centre for Change in Rural Mexico)
    Organic Farmers of Oaxaca Organization (ORAB), Mexico
    Farmers Communities on the Way (CCC), Mexico
    Services of Mixe People (SER), Mexico
  • Geographic focus:
    Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Project period:
    2014 - ...
  • Funding:
    Research Council of Norway, Latin America Programme

Read more about this project here and here.


Published Apr. 5, 2019 12:00 PM - Last modified Apr. 1, 2020 11:50 AM