CANCELED: What now, Venezuela?

Following advice from national health authorities, we are canceling this event to prevent coronavirus infection.

Persons carrying Venezuelan flag

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Venezuela is still in its deepest economic, political and social crisis in modern history. After a year of opposition attempts at generating a change in the political regime, the country has two declared presidents, three parliaments and no immediate solution in sight. However, the economic situation is rapidly evolving, creating new political dynamics. How can we understand the changes actually going on in Venezuela? Who are the main actors driving ongoing changes? What is the role of external actors and policies? What are the prospects for a peaceful transition to democracy and constitutional rule? 

These are the questions raised in this seminar that combines the launch of a special issue of the European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (ERLACS) with a guest lecture by Jennifer McCoy.

The title of the special issue is The crisis in Venezuela: Transformations, transitions and possible pathways, and the articles focus on the issues of human rights & public security, democratic transitions, sanctions and the evolution of the economy, the role of international institutions and actors, democratic deterioration, the dialogue attempts and corruption. Antulio Rosales and Benedicte Bull, both from the Centre for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo, are guest editors, and it contains articles by among others:. David Smilde & Geoff Ramsey, Tom Legler, Natalia Gan, Francisco Alfaro, Victor Mijares & Alejandro Uzguategui, Leiv Marsteintredet and Benedicte Bull & Antulio Rosales. It will be available here shortly.


Jennifer McCoyJennifer McCoy is a political science professor at Georgia State University and previous Director of the Carter Center’s Americas Program. She is a recognized Venezuela expert and participated in the negotiations between the Chávez government and the opposition. See McCoy's web page at Georgia State University.





Introduction – Antulio Rosales: Key issues in Venezuela’s transformation

19:15 Benedicte Bull: Sanctions and the evolution of 21st century capitalism in Venezuela
19:30 Leiv Marsteintredet: The prospects for a negotiated transition to democracy: Venezuela in comparative perspective
19:45 Jennifer McCoy: Bringing Venezuela Back from the Brink
20:10 Conversation



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