Digital gathering of NorLARNet

We invite all of you who make up our Norwegian network of Latin America scholars and researchers, as well as all others interested, to a digital gathering (Zoom). Before the NorLARNet secretariat stop functioning in a few weeks, we want to make visible to all of us who we are today, to take stock of the present situation for Latin American studies and research in Norway, and to discuss how to maintain and strengthen the network.

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How to participate

This will be a digital event on Zoom. The meeting room will open some ten minutes before the event starts at 13:30.  Use this link to join the meeting:
Documentation on how to use Zoom can be found here:


13:30 Welcome

The present status of Latin America research and studies in Norway

  • Brief presentations (2-3 minutes) by researchers from different universities

The future of the network

14:10 General discussion
14:57 Summing-up
15:00 END


Since 2008, the Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo, has hosted the secretariat for NorLARNet. Until 2019 it was a national network funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The last year the secretariat has functioned with reduced capacity, funded by SUM. This will be the situation until July 2020. After that, NorLARNet will still exist as a network, but SUM will only be able to provide secretariat functions limited to maintaining a basic website and co-hosting events based on initiatives from researchers in the network. 


We hope to see many of you!


Published May 18, 2020 2:19 PM - Last modified May 28, 2020 2:13 PM