Book talk: Dynamics of Caste and Law: Dalits, Oppression and Constitutional Democracy in India

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Caste has become a visible phenomenon often associated with discrimination, inequality and politics in India and globally. India’s constitutional democracy has had a remarkable goal of creating equality in a context of caste. Despite constitutional promises with equal opportunities for the lower castes and outlawing of untouchability at the time of independence, recurring atrocities and inadequate implementation of law have called for rethinking and legal change.

In this book talk Dag Erik Berg gives a presentation of his new book Dynamics of Caste and Law, which sheds new light on why caste oppression persists, focusing on struggles among India’s Dalits, the castes formerly known as untouchables.

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  • Presentation of book: Dag Erik Berg, author and Associate Professor of Political Science at Molde University College
  • Comments: Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Professor of Social Anthropology, the University of Oslo
  • Q&A

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About the author:

Dag Erik Berg is Associate Professor of Political Science at Molde University College, Norway. His research takes an interdisciplinary approach to study hegemony, governance and constitutional democracy in global perspective. Recent publications by him have examined the intersection of post-foundational political theory, social exclusion and law relating to India’s Dalits.


Published Aug. 20, 2020 1:39 PM - Last modified Sep. 3, 2020 10:14 AM