Asia Week: Sustainable Asia

The cancelled ASIANET conference goes online and becomes Asia Week: five days of digital talks and panels, all on the challenges of sustainability in Asia.

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Which obstacles exist to achieving effective environmental and climate regime in Asia? How is the energy challenge linked to broader political-economic churnings and international tensions? What are the impacts and drivers for Asian consumption booms? How can Asian perspectives on sustainability contribute to sustainable development globally?

Welcome from the Minister of International Development

The Minister of International Development for the Government of Norway, Dag-Inge Ulstein, welcomes all speakers and participants!

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About the event

Asia has for a long time been the most important growth region in the world. Rapid economic growth and urbanisation have intertwined with increased access to education and better health care to reduce abject poverty and enhance upwards social mobility for new segments of the population. It has also created new consumer cultures and habits, and new demands for products, services and energy that increase at astounding rates. Yet while almost all of the world’s most polluted cities are located in Asia, the discourse of a ‘green transition’ is important to most Asian governments. And we know for certain that East Asia will play a key role in advancing the technological shifts required to move towards sustainability, both in Asia and globally.

During the Asia Week we will look at the Asian sustainability challenges from multiple perspectives and bring together actors from many different sectors, professions and disciplines. We take stock of policy and progress, and analyse the obstacles that exist to an effective environmental and climate regime in Asia. We examine the energy challenge, and link it to broader political-economic processes and international relations. We consider the impact of the Asian ‘emerging middle classes’  in the landscape of consumption. And we ask how Asian perspectives on the sustainable society can contribute towards global sustainability.

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Coordinator: Arve Hansen (

Coordinator: Kenneth Bo Nielsen (

Assistant coordinator: Oda Davanger (



The conference is organized by Asianettverket (The Network for Asian Studies).

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