The Network for Asian Studies is a Norwegian research network which promotes studies, research, and information about Asian history, society, culture, politics and the environment.

The network was founded in 1996 and is led by a group of scholars in Norway with a research interest for Asia.

The Network:

  • organizes academically stimulating conferences, seminars, and lectures.
  • promotes contact between disciplines and institutions.
  • encourages recruitment to and promotion of Asian research.
  • facilitates and encourages academic cooperation between researchers and research institutions.

The network does not carry out its own research, but promotes research activities on the Asian region.

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Collaborating partners

The Network is based at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo. We also have several collaborating partner institutions, institutes and networks.


Our weekly newsletter provides information about events, job openings, publications and news reports in Norway and the Nordics from the last week. The newsletter is in Norwegian.

Contact information

Network Coordinator
Arve Hansen
Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) UiO.
Bildet kan inneholde: briller, hake, panne, ansiktshår, briller.
Network Coordinator
Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Department of Social Anthropology, UiO

Assistant Network Coordinator

Helene Ramnæs

Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), UiO.