Arne Næss Symposium 2022 - Day 2

Green Frontiers Festival and the Zapffe Prize ceremony.

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This part of the Symposium will feature the work of students, artists, and activists pursuing critical issues in environmental humanities, in what we have named the Green Frontiers Festival.

The climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and the pursuit of socially and ecologically just futures will be explored through film, music, and literature projects. The organizers will highlight the work being done at the University of Oslo to build on the legacies of Arne Næss and Peter Wessel Zapffe through collaborative and creative work.


Green Frontiers Festival

  • Opening statement from the organizers
  • Ekko Ekko art installation presentation
    An interdisciplinary collaboration between biology student Kathleen Helleland, SUM-student Tuva Saltermark and artist Hanna Halsebakke. In their artistic contribution to the symposium they ponder the shift of marine life into genetic information and commodity use through new biotechnologies and the idea of an all-encompassing Ocean Genome.
  • Presentation from Tvergastein Journal

    A student-run interdisciplinary journal on the environment, published by UiO students. The journal is based at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM).

  • Address by Jonas Kittelsen from XR Norway
  • Environmental humanities honours film
  • Ghosting Glaciers film
    A collaborative and interdisciplinary art project about the glacier. The project uses artistic approaches to investigating how we continuously affect and are being affected by our interactions with place.

The Zapffe Prize ceremony

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About the 2022 Symposium

Day 1: 25 August: Gamle Festsal 
Day 2: 26 August: Arne Næss Auditorium, Georg Morgenstiernes Hus, Blindern

It is sometimes said that fiction and scholarship complement one another in throwing light on the nature of the challenges of our time. The aim of the 2022 Symposium is to show how the synergy of creative arts and scholarly perspectives can enrich our understanding of authoritarian threats as a stumbling block to a socio-environmental change.

Image may contain: Jaw, Statue, Sculpture, Lion, Font.Read more about the Zapffe Prize

Arne Næss ProgrammeRead more about the Arne Næss Programme

We draw on, and critically develop, the intellectual legacy after Norway’s greatest ecophilosopher, researcher and environmental activist.          


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