Arne Næss Symposium 2021: Rethinking Democracy: Steps to Political Equality and Social and Environmental Justice

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The 2021 Arne Næss professor, Julia Cagé, explains why neither the traditional social democratic parties, nor populist upstarts, have ever really addressed social inequalities and environmental rights. She proposes concrete strategies to increase citizen’s political power and ensure environmental justice.  

Tentative Programme: 


18.00: Arne Næss fanfare and opening address by Prorector Åse Gornitzka

18.05 – 18.10: Nina Witoszek, brief introduction

18.10 – 18.45: Julia Cagé, Arne Næss Lecture

18.45 – 19.40: Debate

Participants: Eva Joly, Lars Trägårdh, Sanne van den Boom and Hendrik Pröhl

19.40 – 20.00: Q&A

Chair: Nina Witoszek

The event will be filmed. 


Julia Cagé is currently an Associate Professor of Economics at Sciences Po, Paris. She is the author of an internationally acclaimed book The Price of Democracy (Harvard UP, 2020) and a leading European scholar in the fields of political participation, media economics and political attitudes.

Eva Joly is a Norwegian-born French magistrate and politician for the European Green Party. She has a legendary reputation as an international expert on corruption who worked as a special financial advisor for many governments – among others in Mediterranean countries, Norway, Iceland and Afghanistan. In 2012 she was part of the UN-anti-corruption mission, as well as a Green candidate in the French Presidential election. 

Lars Trägårdh is a historian and public intellectual whose focus is on the Swedish/Nordic social contract in a comparative perspective. Currently he directs a major project on trust. He served as an independent member on the Prime Minister's Commission on the Future of Sweden during 2011-2013.  

Sanne van den Boom is a master's student in Development, Environment and Cultural Change at SUM. She has a background in international politics and philosophy and is currently researching citizens' assemblies on climate change.

Hendrik Pröhl is a master’s student at SUM with a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology and politics/international studies. For his thesis, he is investigating the ecological ethics of the German Hydrogen Energy Strategy.


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, there is a limited number of seats for this event. 

Registration has now closed. 


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Photo: Philip Conrad

Arne Næss Chair

Associate Professor Cagé is the 2021 Arne Næss Professor.




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