2007: James Lovelock and Stephan Harding

In 2007 the Chair was shared by Prof. James Lovelock and his close colleague and collaborator Dr. Stephan Harding.

Prof. Lovelock, a world leading scientist and environmentalist, is perhaps best known as the father of Gaia-theory having published works such as The Gaia TheoryThe Ages of GaiaHomage to Gaia and, more recently, The Revenge of Gaia. Dr. Harding is a lecturer at Schumacher College and a scholar known for his work on Gaia-theory and deep ecology. Both Chair holders express intellectual indebtedness to the legacy of Arne Naess and the philosophy of deep ecology. The official launch of the Arne Naess Chair on Friday the 27th of April included James Lovelock's inaugural lecture and an international symposium involving well known scholars in the field.

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