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The Politics of Nordic Generosity

We do research on the politics of Norwegian and Nordic development aid, especially on what is considered – and might in fact be – peculiar about it.

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About the group

Starting from disciplines like political science, international relations, rhetoric, and social anthropology, we study how Norwegian and Nordic development policy is shaped, legitimized, and used for various purposes, not least for «branding» objectives. The idea of so-called Nordic exceptionalism in aid is a pivoting point of the group’s work, which incorporates SUM’s pillar of the Nordic Branding project.

The group’s members do research on:

  • How Norwegian and Nordic development aid is shaped, practiced, and communicated
  • The challenges facing the Nordic countries’ development policy in a time when aid is challenged on several fronts
  • The idea of the Nordics’ colonial innocence, and how it is used as topos within development aid and humanitarianism.
  • The relation between the Nordic countries’ actual development work and the images presented of development domestically, cf. the «regime of goodness»
  • How the development sector’s self-confirming knowledge regime has become an integrated part of foreign policy and diplomacy
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