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Sustainable consumption and energy equity

We explore the social and political challenges associated with sustainable patterns of consumption and equitable solutions for energy provision and consumption.

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About the group

The objectives of the research group are:

  • Engage in groundbreaking research on sustainable consumption and energy equity
  • Develop new perspectives on the gendered implications of energy policy, access and use
  • Conduct research on the new geographies of consumption, including a focus on emerging middle-classes and theoretical advancements in connecting global production networks with changing patterns and practices of consumption in North and South
  • Study the relationship between globalisation, consumption and environmental degradation
  • Build on perspectives from the social sciences and humanities to develop new approaches to technology, practices and demand for energy
  • Contribute towards innovative policymaking on sustainable consumption and equitable energy
  • Study the relationship between energy- and climate policies, social conflict and minorities

We conduct research in both the Global North and South, the latter including a particular focus on emerging economies.

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Group leader

Arve Hansen

Deputy leader

Ulrikke Bryn Wethal


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