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Global Health Politics

The Global Health Politics research group brings together anthropologists, historians and international relations scholars interested in the political dynamics and power structures that shape health policy and practice at global, national and local levels.


The Global Health Politics group is supported by a Research Council of Norway grant (2020-2024) that aims to promote scientific development and renewal among research groups that received high marks in the Evaluation of the Social Sciences in Norway (SAMEVAL). The group is also supported by the Institute of Health and Society's RELIGHT (Research Excellence and Innovation in Global Health) programme.

About the group

The group aims to advance a critical social science research agenda on global health, through research projects focused on 

  • The political and social determinants of health
  • Epidemic preparedness and response
  • Public-private partnerships in the global governance of health
  • Universal health coverage 
  • The transfer of health policies and evidence between global and local levels
  • Civil society’s and other non-state actors' roles within global health governance
  • Digital responses to global health challenges

The Global Health Politics group meeting via Zoom

The research group meets fortnightly, in a forum where members can receive feedback on writing in progress, and can discuss published literature relevant to members' interests.

The group also hosts the The Collective for the Political Determinants of Health and convenes the Global Health Unpacked seminar series in collaboration with the University of Oslo's Centre for Global Health.  

The group collaborates with the project group of the ERC-funded Universal Health Coverage and the Public Good in Africa project. 

Research group members gathered for meeting at SUM in September 2019.

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    The Research Group convenes a Network for Social Science in Norwegian Global Health Research open to anyone interested in how social science perspectives can advance Norwegian global health research and policy. Sign up to the network.

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    Group leader

    Katerini Storeng


    Elin Bergstrøm