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Research Groups

SUM's research activities are organised into research groups and research projects.

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We explore the relationship between culture, nature and ideology, and its change over time in various cultural and social contexts. We also study cultural innovation for a sustainable future.

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We study the politics, practice and culture of food.

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This research group brings together perspectives from anthropology, political science and development studies to examine the political dynamics and power structures that shape global health policy and practice.

The importance of governance has been increasingly recognised in efforts to achieve poverty reduction and sustainable development. This research group focuses on the way power is exercised in policy processes and negotiations between states, multilateral organisations, private companies and other non-state actors.

The world faces a double challenge: to eradicate hunger and poverty and to stabilize the global climate before it is too late. Our focus is on undertaking critical, independent and high quality interdisciplinary and policy-related research on the challenges and dilemmas posed by poverty and sustainable development. We aim to better understand the persistence of poverty and vulnerability to hunger and famine in poor and middle-income countries.

In the 21st century, the rural is increasingly decoupled from the agrarian. This warrants critical rethinking of rural transformations.

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We explore the social and political challenges associated with sustainable patterns of consumption and equitable solutions for energy provision and consumption.

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We do research on the politics of Norwegian and Nordic development aid, especially on what is considered – and might in fact be – peculiar about it.