SUM Research School

SUM Research School offers Ph.D. students academic and informal events during their degree. We are interdisciplinary and welcome students from all faculties at UiO.


Research School Coordinator Jostein Jakobsen


For all

  • Doctoral Courses

SUM offers multidisciplinary and international doctoral courses originating in the center's ongoing research. 

SUM's doctoral courses accept applications from all PhD students and sometimes also specialist practitioners.

For members of SUM Research School:

  • Work in progress discussion seminars

During these sessions, students present and obtain feedback on their respective texts and provide critical-constructive comments on other students' work. Senior researchers may also be involved in giving feedback to the presentations.

  • Monthly training sessions 

Through our monthly workshops, SUM Research School seek to develop doctoral students' professional skills related to teaching, media and communication, publishing, policy relevance, research ethics etc. The programme is developed from student demand.

  • Involvement in SUM's network

SUM Research School members enjoy opportunities for closer involvement in SUM's network, seminar and conference activities.

How can I become a member?

Ph.D. students already participating in a Ph.D. programme at the University of Oslo may enroll in SUM's Research School. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out this form, and we will contact you.

Questions? Please contact Jostein Jakobsen (coordinator) or Erica Colman-Denstad (Research School assistant).

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