Doctoral Courses

SUM offers multidisciplinary and international doctoral courses originating in the centre's ongoing research.

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The courses give students theoretical and practical experience in undertaking interdisciplinary research within the broad field of development and the environment. The courses include lectures, discussions and student presentations – and highlight how different disciplines approach and define research questions, selection of theories and perspectives, methodology and research techniques.

SUM's doctoral courses accept applications from all PhD students and sometimes also specialist practitioners.

Please consult the specific announcement of each specific course for more information and details about application procedures.


cover photo course Ph.D. Course: The political ecology of pandemics

9 - 11 Aug, 2021

The objective of this interdisciplinary course is to critically approach the relationship between food production and food consumption and pandemics in an environmental perspective. 






  • Ph.D. Course: 'Cultural, Economic, and Evolutionary Perspectives on Global Challenges: Prospects and Perils of Radical Interdisciplinarity'
  • Ph.D. Course: 'Governing the Asian Giants: Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development in China and India'
  • Ph.D. Course: 'Latin America in Global Governance'


  • Ph.D. Course: 'Consumption, Capitalism and Everyday Life: Understanding the Social Dimensions of the Growth Imperative'
  • Ph.D. Course: 'Women, Energy and Health: Questioning Current Paradigms for Development and Social Change'


  • Ph.D. Course: 'Multidisciplinary Perspectives on REDD+' 


  • Ph.D. Course: 'Sustainability and the Good Life'
  • Ph.D. Course: 'The Political Determinants of Health – Changing Perspectives on Health Inequality'


  • Ph.D. Course: 'From Scarcity to Access and Rights: Changing Perspectives on Food Insecurity’'


  • Ph.D. Course 'Development and the Environment: A Critical Introduction to current Latin American Debates'


  • Ph.D. Course: 'Human Rights and Legal Empowerment of the Poor: Theory and Practice'


  • Ph.D. Course: 'Climate Change and Societal Transformation'
  • Ph.D. Course: 'Business and Global Governance'


  • Ph.D. Course: 'Sustainable consumption'
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