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A group of Nordic researchers are appealing for support for the scholarly journal Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), which is struggling due to the current pandemic and nationwide lockdown in India.

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The Economic & Political Weekly (EPW) has been crucial in India’s intellectual space for more than half a century. It has served as a forum for debate and become a journal of international academic repute. EPW provides a multidisciplinary platform for academics and practitioners, researchers and students, as well as concerned citizens, for critical engagement with economy, polity and society in contemporary India. For scholars based outside India it is equally indispensable. Given the current political and other challenges in India, EPW is more important than ever.

Due to the pandemic and the nationwide lockdown, however, the journal is now experiencing a drastic drop in revenue from retail sales and advertisement income resulting in an acute financial crisis. The editorial team and well-wishers of EPW are therefore reaching out, urging the community of readers, contributors and subscribers of EPW to do the best they can to ensure its sustainability.

To defend its independence, donations are not possible from outside India, but more subscriptions are. International scholars on India are now coming together in a campaign for more subscriptions, institutional and individual.

From Scandinavia, the signatories of this appeal hope you who read will join us in supporting EPW by urging more institutions to take up a subscription and by all of us subscribing individually (even if we have access through libraries). A yearly electronic individual subscription, for example, of 50 issues is $150. Longer-term subscription may be more favourable. Click here to read more about how you can support by subscription.

For more information, please write to

The appeal is signed by:

Olle Törnquist, University of Oslo

Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Asianettverket / Norwegian Network for Asian Studies

Arild Engelsen Ruud, University of Oslo

Andreas Johansson, SASNET / Swedish South Asian Studies Network

Kathinka Frøystad, University of Oslo

Aase Mygind Madsen, Via University College

Pamela Price, University of Oslo

Göran Djurfeldt, Lund University

Stig Toft Madsen, NIAS / Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

Ravinder Kaur, University of Copenhagen

Uwe Skoda, Aarhus University

Francesca Jensenius, University of Oslo

Anne Waldrop, Oslo Metropolitan University

By Kenneth Bo Nielsen
Published Sep. 29, 2020 3:53 PM - Last modified Sep. 29, 2020 4:00 PM

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