Yvonne Thomsen


Erik Blytt scholarship

Master's thesis

Tentative title: Making waves - Access to abortion in the high seas

The purpose of the study is to examine the connection between womens human rights, access to abortion and the concept of citizenship. The study will be a qualtitative case study of the work of the organization Women on Waves.

Women on Waves is a Ducth non-profit NGO that is based in the Netherlands, and works to provide safe abortion where it is not available. Women on Waves work with different activist strategies, but they are mainly know for their work with an abortion ship, that travels to countries where abortion is illegal and where they provide abortions in international waters.

Tentaitve Research questions: 1) How is lived, or, substantive, citizenship for women affected by restrictive access to safe and legal abortions? 2) How does Women on Waves manuver in the different countries and on different scales (locally, internationally, globally) with different legal framworks? - The example of the ship campaign in Guatemala, Febuary 2017.


Professor Kristian Stokke, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, UiO

Published Apr. 18, 2017 12:49 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 3:29 PM