Odin Lysaker

Guest researcher

Current research Interests

  • Natural philosophy - e.g., ecocentric approach to nature; ecologic love; vulnerability and dependency as the basic preconditions for all existene; environmental ethics inspired by deep ecology, ecophenomenology, ecofeminism and animism.
  • Green political theory - e.g., ecological democracy; ecological citizenship; political ecology; civil disobedience and citizens' councils as extra-parliamentary democratic activism.
  • Environmental justice – e.g., environmental justice and ecological justice based on non-anthropocentric critical theory bridging redistribution, recognition, capabilities and participation for both human and non-human individuals and groups.

Present appointment and affiliations


  • PhD in Philosophy, University of Oslo
  • PhD Fellow, CULCOM (Cultural Complexity in the New Norway), University of Oslo

Academic interests relevant to SUM

  • Environmental ethics and philosophy of nature
  • Green political theory
  • Global health ethics and the capabilities approach
  • Climate refugees

Research groups and other activities at SUM

Courses taught 

Tags: Environmental ethics, Philosophy of nature, Green political theory, Global health ethics, Climate refugees
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