Celine Motzfeldt Loades

Guest Researcher

Doctoral thesis submitted to Department of Social Anthropology. Doctoral defence 20th November 2018.

Academic Interests

  • Sustainable urban development, urban ecology, bio-diversity and cultural heritage in urban development
  • The 'Slow Movement' - Slow Food, Slow Time, Citta Slow (slow cities), 'short-traveled' food, urban agriculture 
  • Urban development and well-being/quality of life
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • The potential of cultural- and natural heritage in sustainable development
  • Sustainable, responsible tourism (heritage-, cultural-, eco-, geo-, pro-poor tourism)
  • Globalization and localization processes
  • Cultural perceptions of culture, nature and identity in urban context
  • International organizations (UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOMOS)
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Regional Focus:

  • Norway
  • Southeast Europe (Croatia, the Balkans)
  • The Mediterranean (Italy)

Courses taught

         Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM):


Academic Background:

  • Ph.D., Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo. Doctoral thesis: The Wall in our Minds - Negotiating Heritage in Post-war Dubrovnik. Ph.D. thesis submitted to Department of Social Anthropology. Doctoral defence 20th November 2018.

  • Master’s degree in Social Anthropology, University of Oslo (2005). MA thesis on the Citta Slow (Slow Cities) movement in Italy
  • Bachelor's degree in Social Anthropology and Communication Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London (2002)

Work experience:

  • 2007-2008: Research administration at ARENA - Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo (economy/information executive)
  • 2006: Central administration, the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo (information executive)

Research Cooperation


  • Member of the editorial board, Journal of Urban Culture Research (peer reviewed journal)
  • Member of the international, interdisciplinary research network, Urban Culture Plaza - Network for Urban Culture Research. Contributed to extending the network to the Balkans in 2014. 
  • Co-arrangor of a conference series at the Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Role of Universities in Sustainable Urban Cultural Development (2017), Cities at Risk - From Humiliation to Dignity (2016) and Urban Cultures at the Crossroads (2015)
  • University of Dubrovnik, Croatia (Department of Mass Communication, Department of Art and Restoration)
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (IEF), Zagreb, Croatia
Tags: Nature and Culture, Energy and Climate, Consumption and Wellbeing


  • Loades, Celine Motzfeldt (2016). Contested Places and Ambivalent Identities – Social Change and Development in UNESCO Enlisted Dubrovnik. Journal of Urban Culture Research.  ISSN 2228-8279.  Volume 12, s 20- 37 . doi: 10.14456
  • Loades, Celine Motzfeldt (2012). A Beautiful Burden? Identity Constructions in a Post-War Heritage City, In Kenneth Bo Nielsen & Kristian Bjørkdahl (ed.),  Development and Environment: Practices, Theories, Policies.  Akademisk Forlag.  ISBN 9788232100330.  9.  s 155 - 171

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  • Loades, Celine Motzfeldt (2018). The Wall in Our Minds - Negotiating Heritage and Identity in Post-war Dubrovnik. Show summary
  • Loades, Celine Motzfeldt (2005). Loades, C, 2005, Tempo Giusto - Slow Cities and the Revitalization of Locality in the Age of Globalization.

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