Chris Butters

Guest Researcher
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Academic interests

  • Sustainable design
  • Architecture and cities
  • Ecology
  • Energy
  • Development
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Life Cycle Analysis


  • B.A. in Literature (Stellenbosch)
  • Masters in Architecture DPLG (Montpellier)
  • Diploma in Energy Planning (Oslo)

Chris Butters has worked with architecture, energy, ecology and sustainable planning for 35 years, as practising architect, author, lecturer and international consultant. He is the author or co-author of ten books. Formerly director of Norwegian Architects for Sustainable Development and senior consultant at the Ideas Bank Foundation, more recently Chris has been researcher at Warwick University, UK. He has been guest professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and at St. Johns University, Minnesota, USA. He leads a postgraduate program on Energy and Sustainable Development at the Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo. Chris worked for 10 years in Bhutan as architect and project coordinator for schools and a hospital, as well as doing Tibetological research. He has worked in countries including France, Norway, UK and Bhutan and is a co-founder of the GAIA group in Norway (1982) and GAIA International (1992), a pioneering network for sustainable building and “deep green” solutions. He is also the creator of the widely used evaluation tool, the Sustainability Value Map.

Courses taught

ISSSUM4180 - Energy, Environment and Social Change at UiO's International Summer School.

Tags: Sustainable design, Architecture and cities, Ecology, Energy Development, Sustainable Consumption, Life Cycle Analysis



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Scientific articles and book chapters

2018    Thomas, T. and C. Butters. Thermal Equity, Public Health and District Cooling in Hot Climate Cities.  Volume 171 Issue 3, September, 2018, pp. 163-172. Journal of Municipal Engineering, ICE Publishing, UK.

2018    (in preparation) Butters C., A. Cheshmehzangi and P. Sassi: Energy and Carbon: Seven Reasons to revisit the low-rise city. Warwick/Oxford Brookes, UK. (Energy Policy?).

2016      Butters, C. and Cheshmehzangi, A. Chinese Urban Residential Blocks Towards Improved Environmental and Living Qualities , Urban Development International.

2016      Butters, C.  District Cooling. Solutions for Energy, Emissions and Urban Heat Island in Hot Climate Cities. ELITH Research Program, Warwick University School of Engineering, UK,

2016      Butters, C. and Thomas, T.H. Comparing the Carbon Footprint of Individual Buildings to That of the Site Works. ELITH Research Program, Warwick University School of Engineering, UK,

2015     Cheshmehzangi A, Butters C. Urban Green Infrastructures (brochure versions in English, Chinese and Thai), UNNC / ELITH program, Ningbo, China..

2015      Cheshmehzangi A, and Butters, C. Sustainable Living and Urban Density: the Choices are Wide Open. Low-carbon Cities and Urban Energy systems, Applied Energy, CUE2015, Fuzhou, China, Energy Procedia 88 (2016) 63 – 70. Elsevier/Science Direct.

2015    Cheshmehzangi A, Butters C. Refining the Complex Urban: The Study of Urban Residential Typologies for Reduced Future Energy and Climate Impacts, in: Proceedings of 8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism. Incheon, South Korea.

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1979    Butters C, Alternative Energy Research in Scandinavia. ISS, University of Oslo.

1979    Butters C, Technologies Alternatives, une Etude en Milieu Rural. UPAM, Montpellier, France (thesis).

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