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Co-constructing inclusive Hovinbyen

Triggers and barriers for broad participation i Hovbinbyen

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About the project

Oslo is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. “Hovinbyen” is an area designated by the city council as the next growth area in Oslo. The area comprises 11 km², almost as large as the whole of Oslo’s existing inner city.

The goal in this project is to identify triggers and barriers for broad participation and system innovation for adaptive urban development in Hovinbyen.

Watch Professor Per Gunnar Røe in a conversation with Pål Erik Olsen from A-lab architects about how to work with social sustainability in Hovinbyen:

We will identify main stakeholders and their current status in terms of their level of involvement and power in ongoing urban development processes. As well as identifying existing strategies for adapting to climate change in Hovinbyen. 

The preproject will be connected to ongoing initiatives in Hovinbyen focusing on experiences related to Vollebekk Fabrikker, and OBOS bostart. 

Vollebekk Fabrikker is part of the Vollebekk urban development project, where large parts of the area will be transformed into a greener district. The aim is to help create lasting values ​​and sustainable development in Vollebekk, with a focus on the environment, social values ​​and economic growth. 

OBOS bostart is an initiative aiming at creating socially diverse housing, by subsidizing apartments in new projects. This will be one of the case-studies in this project. 


The project will be based on workshops with stakeholders to assess the current situation and for developing ideas and recommendations for a larger project. 


We will cooperate with youth organisations and stakeholders, 


September 2020 - September 2021


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