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Picture of Marianne  Aasen Aasen, Marianne
Picture of Simone  Abram Abram, Simone
Picture of Helene Amundsen Amundsen, Helene
Bridge, Gavin
Picture of Lars Böcker Böcker, Lars
Picture of Per Ove  Eikeland Eikeland, Per Ove
Picture of Ole Kristian  Fauchald Fauchald, Ole Kristian
Picture of Lene Foss Foss, Lene
Picture of Bård Sødal Grasbekk Grasbekk, Bård Sødal
Picture of Lars  Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Lars
Picture of Arve Hansen Hansen, Arve Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858844 +4791559751 Energy and Climate, Consumption and Wellbeing, Vietnam
Picture of Tor Håkon  Inderberg Inderberg, Tor Håkon
Picture of Kirsten  Jenkins Jenkins, Kirsten
Picture of Torbjørg  Jevnaker Jevnaker, Torbjørg
Picture of David Jordhus-Lier Jordhus-Lier, David Professor +47 22854807 +47 93038325 Human Geography
Picture of Jennifer  Joy West Joy West, Jennifer
Picture of Tom Erik  Julsrud Julsrud, Tom Erik
Picture of Mari  Lie Larsen Lie Larsen, Mari
Picture of Kristin  Linnerud Linnerud, Kristin
Luque Ayala, Andres
Picture of Susanne Normann Normann, Susanne Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858910 99239715 critical psychology, qualitative research, political ecology, Gender, Brazil
Picture of Karen O'Brien O'Brien, Karen Professor +47 22858480 +47 90063814 Human geography, Environment, Climate change, Transformation, Social Change
Picture of Per Gunnar Røe Røe, Per Gunnar Professor +47 22855217 +4791716365 Human Geography
Picture of Jon Birger  Skjærseth Skjærseth, Jon Birger
Picture of Ole Smørdal Smørdal, Ole Researcher +4793080473 Education, ICT and learning, Design-based research, Participatory design, Citizenship, EngageLab