Public Spaces in the Inclusive City

How can we combine a sustainable environmental development of cities with a socially just and inclusive development?

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This session will introduce "Include", the University of Oslo's new research center, which in collaboration between researchers, public and private sector will develop, update and share knowledge about ways to strengthen social sustainability during the ongoing energy transition. A-lab architects is one of the private partners in Include, and today they focus on common areas in the city.

Per Gunnar Røe, Professor samfunnsgeografi, Universitetet i Oslo
- Om det nye forskningssenteret Include
Pål Erik Olsen, Samfunnsgeograf, A-lab
- Brukerpartneres rolle i forskning

Andreas Vaa Bermann, Avdelingsdirektør, Plan- og bygningsetaten
Kenneth Dahlgren, Sjef byutvikling og samfunn, Aspelin Ramm
Kjersti Wikstrøm, Daglig leder, SLA

Moderator: Julie Sjøwall Oftedal, partner, A-lab


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Published Sep. 2, 2020 9:03 AM - Last modified Sep. 16, 2020 1:32 PM