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The Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) is a vibrant international research institution at the University of Oslo which promotes scholarly work on the challenges and dilemmas posed by sustainable development.


SUM’s current research is anchored in research groups:

Within these broadly defined groups, SUM conduct research on a range of topics. The main geographical focus of the research is Latin America, Southern and Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.

SUM is presently engaged in several prestigious international projects - financed by the Norwegian and the European Research Councils, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NORAD.

SUM is the host institution of Oslo SDG Initiative, The Oslo Academy of Global Governance and The Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health.

SUM was also the academic home of the founder of Deep Ecology, professor Arne Næss, and is the organizer of the annual event 'Arne Næss Symposium' linked to the Arne Næss Programme.


SUM has an extensive network of national and international research partners, and works in close co-operation with researchers in the South. It is the coordinating unit for the following networks:


Although SUM is primarily a research institution, it offers courses at MA and PhD levels, as well as an International Master in Development, Environment and Cultural Change. The Centre has the status of Research School which specializes in educating scholars interested in interdisciplinary perspectives on development and the environment. The SUM Research School also organizes PhD courses.


The Centre was established in 1990 in response to the report of the Brundtland Commission: "Our Common Future". SUM is currently one of the few institutions in Scandinavia advancing interdisciplinary research on development and the environment, combining insights from the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. Professor Sidsel Roalkvam is the Director of SUM.

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