Persons tagged with «Education»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
De Korne, Haley Postdoctoral Fellow +4796964640 Mexico, Education, Indigenous Languages, Language policy, Linguistic identity, Social change, Anthropology, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Sociolinguistics
González Rojas, María-Fernanda Research assistant +47 94856019 Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Civil society and social movements, Development and Economy, Education, Film, Linguistic identity, Latin American Studies, Literature
Holgado, Ricardo Research Scientist + 47 916 82 703 Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Agriculture and Rural Development, Education, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Energy and Natural Resources, Agronomy, Biology, Zoology
Lunde, Henriette Senior Adviser +47 91864247 (mob) Haiti, Education, Employment, Migration, Violence and Security, Youth/children, Anthropology, Development Studies, Political Science
Overgaard, Hans J. Research scientist +47 64965442 Colombia, Education, Medical entomology, Public health, Tropical diseases, Water, Entomology, Public health, Zoology
Penalver, Ruben PhD Venezuelan History +47 48348609 Mexico, Venezuela, Civil Society and Social Movements, Education, History: Contemporary, International Relations, Cultural History, History, Latin American Studies, Literature, Pedagogy
Pettersen, Kaare Torgny Professor +47 95244223 Brazil, Education, Poverty and Inequality, Sexual abuse of children, Violence and Security, Welfare and Social Politics, Social work
Ranestad, Kristin Post-doc 45708065 Chile, Development and Economy, Education, History: Contemporary, Mining, Technology and Innovation, History
Solstad, Marit Researcher 75 41 18 37 974 21 778 Guatemala, Civil Society and Social Movements, Development cooperation, Education, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Youth/children, Development Studies, Sociology