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Publisert 22. aug. 2018 13:50

Join a panel of economists, social scientists, evolutionary thinkers and humanists in a discussion of the cooperative ethos in the Nordic societies.

Publisert 13. aug. 2018 09:00

Has the 2030 Agenda really changed the way politics work? And, how do concepts change practices?

Whenever the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are discussed, we usually hear the same refrain: this is a new way of thinking about development! The language of donors and recipients is passé; we are all developing countries now; we are all in the same boat; this is a universal approach to development, and so on. Although rhetorically effective, these expressions beg the question of whether the change is primarily an ideational revision, or whether it is actually changing politics. To put it more bluntly: Is the 2030 Agenda mainly changing semantics, or is it changing practice?  

Publisert 28. mars 2014 09:51

In a couple of weeks the Indian electorate will participate in what is sure to be the biggest exercise in universal franchise in world history,