Personer med emneord «Uruguay»

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Deelstra, Johannes Senior Research Scientist +4792699501 Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Agriculture and Rural Development, Climate, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Water, Agronomy, Environmental Studies, Hydrology
Eide, Liv Associate professor +47 55 58 48 30 Uruguay, Gender, History: Contemporary, History, Latin American Studies, Pedagogy
Mosenson, Marcos Fabián Researcher, Instructor, PhD Candidate +47 35 95 25 70 +47 986 21 740 Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Civil Society and Social Movements, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Globalization and Transnationalism, Politics and Political Institutions, Lifestyle and Society, Journalism, Socioloy
Nymark, Johannes Associate Professor 55959429 Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, History: Contemporary, Human Rights, International Relations, History, Linguistics
Salinas, Cecilia Guadalupe Senior lecturer +47 47059347 Argentina, Uruguay, Biodiversity, Climate, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, History: Colonial, Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology
Schneider, Arnd Professor 22857625 Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Architecture, Art and Theatre, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Film, Migration, Anthropology, Ethnology
Skaar, Elin Senior Researcher +47 99429355 Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Human Rights, Law and Justice, Politics and Political Institutions, Political Science