Persons tagged with «Technology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie Associate Professor +47 22851913 +47 41688955 (mob) Archaeology, Stone Age, Lithic Technology, Technology, Material culture, Stone Age Survey, Landscape archaeology, Hunter-gatherers
Isungset, Martin Arstad Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855290 Sociology, Social inequality, Nature and nurture, Technology, Behavioral Genetics
Jacobsen, Eirik Doctoral Research Fellow +4747275646 Popular Music, Music and Media, Technology, Music and Cultural Understanding, Music industry
Kjus, Yngvar Associate Professor +47-92084733 Popular music, Music media, Music industry, Mediated experience, Technology, Cultural politics
Lutscher, Philipp Postdoctoral Fellow +49176317107 (mob) Comparative Politics, Dictatorship, Technology
Medaas, Christian Peter Stipendiat Environment, Technology, Material culture, Sustainability
Millet, Audrey Postdoctoral Fellow +33662732450 (mob) History, History of Science, Technology, Labour, Sweatshop, Workers, Clothes, IPR, Industrialisation
Oppegaard, Sigurd Martin Nordli Stipendiat Sociology, Labour, labour market, industrial relations, Technology, Sociological Theory, Welfare State
Rudningen , Gudrun PhD candidate 90889793 (mob) Labour, Material culture, Technology
Thorbjørnsen, Sondre Doctoral Research Fellow 97772409 labour geography, labour process theory, global production networks, technology, industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, platform labour