Persons tagged with «Procurement»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aspelin, Christopher Weidemann Senior Adviser +47 91849708 (mob) Procurement
Brudeseth, Jon Senior Adviser +47 90944158 (mob) Procurement, Framework agreements, Purchasing, Counselling
Domak, Paraskoviia Senior Adviser +47 22858116 +47 46586217 (mob) Procurement, Framework agreement, Tender, Counselling
Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-91368921 (mob) Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Jansen, Kristin Victoria Adviser +47 98808697 (mob) Procurement
Kvalstad, Henning Senior Adviser +47 22858651 +47 93405756 (mob) Procurement
Melhuus, Åsne Administrative Manager +47 95111307 (mob) Procurement, Finance, Invoices
Morken, Torill Senior Adviser +47 22857012 Purchasing, Procurement
Orseth, Asle Andre Senior Adviser +47 97778096 (mob) Procurement, Counselling, Framework agreements
Pedersen, Sigurd Senior Adviser +47 92480838 (mob) Procurement
Puin Penagos, Andres Higher Executive Officer +47 22856850 Billing, Accounting, Salaries, Procurement
Ruden, Petter Adviser +47 22857093 procurement, purchasing
Solberg, Tarjei Senior Executive Officer +47 22858551 Reimbursements, Voucher based salary, Invoice processing, Accounting, Procurement