Persons tagged with «Local IT support»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aass, Espen Head Engineer +47 22855268 Library, Local IT support
Andresen, Kjell Senior Engineer +47 22852837 +47 91326180 (mob) Local IT support, General IT support, Servers and operating services
Ariansen, Morten Head Engineer +47 22850664 +47 90162230 (mob) calender, E-mail, Printing, User administration, Purchaser, User support, Local IT support, chat, Telephone services
Arnesen, Marianne Head Engineer +47 22844215 Library, Local IT support
Babinski, Adam Roman Senior Engineer +47 22856565 +47 97501770 (mob) Local IT support, Purchasing
Bakkeby, Adrian Christoffer Head Engineer +47 22851211 Local IT support
Bredholt, Victor Head Engineer +47 22850666 +47 92442236 (mob) chat, Local IT support, Telephone services, calender, E-mail, Printing, User administration, Purchaser, User support
Børresen, Knut Head Engineer +47 22844231 +47 92468096 (mob) Library, Local IT support
Fahle, Morten Senior Engineer +47 22851240 Local IT support
Fredvik, Terje Senior Engineer +47 22856508 +47 99705109 (mob) +47 99 70 51 09 PRITS, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Programming, SPICE, Solar Orbiter, IT support for research, Mac, Local IT support, Space based observations, Hinode, IRIS
Karpen, Lucy Senior Engineer +47 98021088 User support, User administration, Local IT support, Servers and operating services
Kristensen, Eirik Mohn Head Engineer +47 22851049 Local IT support
Kvernes, Terje Senior Engineer +47 22855802 +47 41573210 (mob) Local IT support, User administration, Servers and operating services, User support
Leifsen, Torben Senior Engineer +47 22857523 Local IT support, IT support for research, Servers and operating services
Narendran, Arul Senior Engineer +47 22851921 +47 99644080 (mob) Local IT support
Nymoen, Kenneth Head Engineer +47 22844824 Local IT support
Pettersen, John Arild Principal Engineer Local IT support
Rian, Sindre Senior Engineer +47 22845822 Local IT support, mobile, User administration, Applications, computer
Saatchi, Zoha Shima Høegh-Omdal Head Engineer +47 22859458 Local IT support, IT services, User administration, Printing, AV services, Telephone services
Samuel, Yonathan Senior Engineer +47 22857146 Local IT support, AV services
Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Local IT support, Social media, Web publishing, Web editor, IT services
Skar, Kristin Chief Engineer +47 22852461 +47 92404514 (mob) Local IT support, IT support for research, IT support for education
Strand, Patrick Tufte Principal Engineer Local IT support
Sørhaug, Terje Principal Engineer +47 22857385 Local IT support
Tadesse, Melaku Head Engineer +47 22840537 +47 46611203 (mob) IT services, User administration, Local IT support
Valla, Joakim Head Engineer +47 22856061 +47 99501600 (mob) Local IT support, User support, IT services
Wedervang, Jon Ingvar Senior Engineer +47 22851251 Local IT support, Network, Applications, Printing, E-mail
Øien, André Senior Engineer +47 22858845 +47 90580317 (mob) Local IT support, IT support for research, Administrative IT services