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Publisert 9. aug. 2018 17:02

A persistent complaint among many developing country leaders is the poor state of their roads and how the international community appears reluctant to invest in infrastructure development. China has the solution, or so it claims. Launched in 2013, the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, estimated to cost over $5 trillion, aims at global investments in transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications, logistics, energy, and oil and gas. But will it help promote the SDGs? And is it all win-win?

Publisert 14. mai 2018 21:32

Welcome to our open summer meeting! This year, China expert Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr from the University of Bergen will give a talk on Xi Jinping's recent ascension to potential lifelong leadership in China. Gåsemyr's talk will be followed by a panel discussion on the impact and development of the #MeToo movement in Asia, with a regional focus on China, India and Japan. With us in the panel are Ragnhild Sofie Selstø, journalist and MA graduate (Chinese Society and Politics, UiO), Moumita Sen, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (UiO) and Elizaveta Zyrenkova, MA student (Modern Japan, UiO). We also announce the winner of this year's "Best MA-thesis on an Asian topic". And, we serve drinks and refreshments.

Publisert 4. apr. 2018 12:48

Asianettverket og IKOS inviterer til boklanseringen og debatt om det indiske mirakel og dets bakside med utgangspunkt i en ny svensk bok om Indias moderne historie, redigert av Staffan Lindberg og Lars Eklund.

Publisert 13. nov. 2017 14:10

In this seminar Prof. Amit Garg from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, analyses the broader challenges of sustainable development in India.

Publisert 21. apr. 2017 15:57

Welcome to our open summer meeting! This year, award winning author Ivo de Figueiredo introduces us to his recent book "En fremmed ved mitt bord", a book that took him on a journey back to his ancestral village Saligao, in erstwhile Portuguese India. Lisa Björkman (Univ. of Louisville) will give a talk on "Pipe Politics, Contested Waters" based on her monograph on Mumbai. We also announce the winner of this year's "Best MA-thesis on an Asian topic". And, we serve drinks and refreshments.

Publisert 24. mars 2017 12:48

In this seminar, Karin Kapadia analyses the relatively new phenomenon of Dalit Pentecostalism in Chennai’s slums as a crucial counter-hegemonic challenge to the ideological and moral legitimacy of the Modi regime.

Publisert 18. jan. 2017 11:32
Publisert 16. nov. 2016 18:53

Join us for an afternoon December seminar with Dr. Vegard Iversen, on social mobility in India. We will serve gingerbread cookies and mulled wine (gløgg).

Publisert 5. sep. 2016 16:23

Welcome to a seminar on caste relations among South Asian muslims, with Dr. Aftab Alam.

Publisert 30. aug. 2016 18:40

Seminar with Niraja Gopal Jayal (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India).

Publisert 16. aug. 2016 10:17

India has been the poster child of freedom and democracy for over six decades, but why is it not able to adequately feed its poor?

Publisert 4. mai 2016 13:05

Kina og Vietnam er verdensmestere i fattigdomsbekjempelse, men deres suksess utfordres.

Publisert 14. apr. 2016 13:22

Rising divorce rates in urban India have become central to the emergent discourse on marriage, social change and neo-liberalism. In this seminar, Shalini Grover historically traces and compares Hindu divorce and the character of marital strife from the 1970's to the present century.

Publisert 11. mars 2016 16:04

In this 2014 documentary, British-Gujarati filmmaker sisters Sheena and Sonum Sumaria explore a minority community's struggle for justice amid the rise of Hindu nationalism and a corrupt government.

Publisert 15. okt. 2015 11:50

Uoverensstemmelser om mat – hvem som spiser eller ikke spiser hva, hvor og sammen med hvem – har lenge vært en prominent del av hverdagslivet så vel som det politiske livet i India.

Publisert 28. aug. 2015 15:44

Indologisk studentforening, FIAN, Oslo Dokumentarkino og Asianettverket inviterer til debatt om utviklingsmessige utfordringer på landsbygda i India, og visning av filmen "Walls and the Tiger."

(The debate and film will be in English.)

Publisert 6. aug. 2015 14:25
Publisert 6. aug. 2015 14:23
Publisert 1. juli 2015 14:11

The project seeks to account for electricity’s effect on women's empowerment, both as women use electricity’s services and become involved in its provision. The project highlights a comparison between centralized (grid) and decentralized systems and the effects on women’s empowerment.

Publisert 5. juni 2015 13:31

With Srila Roy and Alf Gunvald Nilsen


Srila Roy and Alf G. Nilsen’s new edited volume “New Subaltern Politics” presents a critical dialogue between the conceptual and analytical legacies of Subaltern Studies and the evolving forms of hegemony and resistance in contemporary India. From the struggles of the urban poor in Gujarat to the activism of sexual subalterns in eastern India and the mobilization of artisanal fishing communities in Tamil Nadu, the essays cover a diverse range of ongoing struggles against dispossession, disenfranchisement, and stigma that are unfolding in neoliberal India.

Publisert 29. mai 2015 11:21

In this talk, Deep K. Datta-Ray engages India’s nuclear diplomacy in the terms of its makers and their analytical categories to offer rare insights into the little known world of the key decision makers themselves. Datta-Ray is the only person so far to have embedded in India’s Ministry of External Affairs, and he draws on this unique research to challenge prevailing assumptions about how India’s nuclear diplomacy works.

Publisert 15. mai 2015 08:57

How have 12 months with a Narendra Modi-led BJP government changed India? Oslo’s leading India scholars offer their analysis of the impact of the BJP’s landslide victory at the general elections in May last year on India’s politics, economy and society.

Publisert 20. mars 2015 13:20

I forbindelse med Ravi Sunders bokgave av Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkars samlede verk til biblioteket på Universitetet i Oslo, vil Institutt for kulturstudier og orientalske språk (IKOS) i samarbeid med Asianettverket arrangere et seminar om kastesystemet i dagens India.

Publisert 20. mars 2015 13:19

Asianettverket og Indologisk Studentforening inviterer til foredrag og filmvisning om den indiske lavkastelederen og grunnlovsarkitekten Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.